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Using the iConnectMIDI4+ to pass audio between iPads!

This is very exciting! Using the iConnectMIDI4+ you can now not only send MIDI data between two iPads or an iPad an a computer - or send MIDI into an iPad from an external device, but you can also send audio (yes audio!) between two iPads using the passthru technology. 

Remember - this is routing the stereo digital audio (or even two pairs of stereo digital audio or four channels of mono if you like - it's up to you how you configure the Audio Patchbay and of course depending on which apps you use), so there is no loss using the iConnectMIDI4+ as there is in using the jack output. It's like having one great big audio chain in a single device!

In the short video below I demonstrate that and show how to set up the audio patchbay in iConfig to achieve it!


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