Ongoing work on patch libraries by MusicInclusive LLC for Roland Gaia, Korg Microkorg and Moog Little Phatty / Little Phatty Stage II

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Who we are

MusicInclusive™ LLC is an Indie label and publishing company that works with artists and bands on a personal, friendly and individual basis

The company

MusicInclusive™ LLC is owned and operated by Derek Jones

Derek and MusicInclusive LLC

As the owner of MusicInclusive™ LLC Derek Jones brings to the business a lifetime of experience in electronic communication and engineering - and as an active multi-instrumental musician, complements that background with musical skills in live performance and studio recording.

You might find him acting variously as Business Manager, Engineering consultant, Artist Manager, Studio Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Producer, Technical Director and any other number of roles that crop up.

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He is an Electronic Engineer by training and has over 26 years as a Systems Engineer and Software Engineer and has also worked as a Vice President of Research and Development and an independent consultant. Now working in music publishing and music engineering and software, he brings to the company a lifetime of experience in electronic communication.

As an educator with 30 years of professional experience creating and presenting courses to a whole variety of people of all ages - from 7 to 70+ he has successfully trained hundreds of people in a variety of disciplines. (Check out the "Courses" page for more information on music courses that MusicInclusive runs.)

Derek also completed Berklee School of Music's "Legal Aspects of the Music Industry" course online prior to founding MusicInclusive™ LLC. (Several of the Indie artists MusicInclusve™ LLC is associated with have completed Berklee online courses as well.)

Last but not least - he is a musician in his own right! (See

Company facilities 
We work with the best DAW software for production including ProTools®, Cubase® and Studio One®, and use Sibelius® for score production and composition.

Our production, mixing and control surface hardware includes Presonus®, Mackie®, Line 6®, M-audio® and Alesis®.

Business approach 

Although MusicInclusive™ LLC engages in most of its activities in-house, it also contracts with various other 3rd parties to outsource some of its business and provide a smooth path for artists and clients to get their material published and making money. Since MusicInclusive™ LLC is primarily an Indie publisher we are also able to maintain tight artistic control and final production rights over all the various and activities and maximize profits for our composers, artists and other clients.  

We look forward to hearing from you - send us an email from our contacts page and we'll be in touch - and don't forget to check out our Featured Artists tab at the top of the page!