Connecting synths using iConnectMIDI2+

Connecting synths using iConnectMIDI2+

Hi folks,

Before getting into this post, some may ask "why so many postings on the iConnectMIDI2+ box?". First let me say that I have no connection with the company - I'm just a customer! What I also am however is excited about the potential of this little box - and in due time its bigger 4+ brother - to be a very portable, flexible and above all productive addition to our studio - both in-house and in a mobile setting. It has immediately expanded the possibilities of interconnections between and simultaneous use of analog, virtual analog and iPad instruments and all with a very compact design and clean user interface. The 4+ promises to bring even more flexibility with more ports and the network MIDI potential. Looking forward to exploring that too.

With those things in mind - I am hopeful of showing more connection options in the next few blog posts as well.

OK. Let's get to it.

Just wanted to show the setup for connecting an external analog or virtual analog synth in via the iConnectMIDI2+ device and how to access it within the DAW.

First the hardware connection using a DIN cable from MIDI port 1 OUT on the unit. This is going in to MIDI IN on the MS2000 you see behind it. (The audio out from the MS2000 is connected in to the KB37 Line in connections).

Next, choose the correct port in your DAW - here in Studio One Pro - which is port 2.1 on the iConnectMIDI2+ unit:


Lastly - set up two tracks in the DAW - at least in Studio One again - an instrument track for the MIDI out to the MS2000 and an audio track to record the audio from the MS2000 (in this case being routed in through the KB37).

That's it for now.

Hopefully shortly I'll add a recording of this in use too. Watch this space - and keep on making music!


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