iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+ and MS2000

iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+ and MS2000

Hi folks,

Well the studio's borrowed MS2000 was returned today as expected - and I hooked it up (just with MIDI out to it) via the iConnectMIDI2+. Works great! I only had time to snap a couple of pics here - running alongside the iMS-20 - also connected via the iConnectMIDI2+. With the two MIDI keyboards I have in this studio rig, one can be channeled out to the MS2000, and the other to the iPad at the same time. Works - very nicely.

Channel change messages are also being sent fine from S1Pro to the MS2000 which is very useful. Haven't tried clock changes yet - but it's early days!

Here's the MS2000 connected to the port 1 DIN MIDI out on the iConnectMIDI2+:

And here's the iMS-20 on the iPad:


More as time permits.


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