iConnectMIDI2+ quick thoughts

Quick thoughts on the iConnectMIDI2+ in use

Time is tight at the moment, but I hope to get back to some more videos and blog entries on the iConnectMIDI2+ done shortly. Won't be all at once - I'll have to stage them. 

I'm very excited about this little device - even the 2, and I think the 4 will be even nicer.

Some quick thoughts:

The audio quality is noticeably better without the D/A -> A/D conversion and LP and HP filtering of the audio out from the iPad audio output: crisper definitely. 

I also discovered also that it was possible - with some jiggling - and with the help of Audiobus - to use an FX program in the FX slot of Audiobus as an FX in my desktop DAW using this device. That has great potential where there are cheaper but high-quality / different / unusual effects or apps / synths that can shape sound in interesting ways available on iOS vs. desktop.

I think the mainstream use for this however will be:

a.) to get high quality audio out from the iPad audio apps,

b.) to control via MIDI without needing wireless. I have iRig MIDI in my "Studio B" setup with a different iPad - but, this iPad in "Studio C" has been using MIDI over a private wireless network (direct wireless connection to a Mac from the iPad for lower wireless latency) until now. 

c.) to see the iPad as a device directly in the DAW  - esp. as part of an aggregate device in MacOS. I already had the iPad set up, as I do any external device, in a similar fashion using in/out keyboard and instrument devices in Studio One Pro, but having it appear as a device directly is very nice.

d.) Using the MIDI DIN ports to control other devices. I have an MS2000 that I'm planning to hook up to it to test - and - since I have effectively freed up an audio stereo pair that was previously being used for the iPad output, I can use that for the MS2000 output.

More shortly. Watch this space!


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