iOS 7 - now for the teething troubles...

iOS 7 - now for the teething troubles...

Well, although apps may run, they don't all play nicely in combination.

Following this thread: I tried putting Addictive Synth in the Input slot for Audiobus and recording to FL Studio.

As other posters noted, FL Studio records and shows the recorded waveform, but there is no audio audible.

Putting an effect in the FX slot cures this (I chose Echo Pad). Someone suggested loading an effect but not launching it, but that caused FL Studio to crash. Launching the FX app (but not necessarily selecting any effect), allows the audio from FL Studio to be heard.

So, - yep - there are some teething troubles - and some workarounds. Is it a showstopper to not upgrade to iOS 7? I'll let you decide that.

Meanwhile we'll keep on testing on iOS 7 and reporting.

Watch this space - and - keep on making music!



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