iPad Mini iOS 7 "Runs and plays" test coming soon

iPad Mini iOS 7 "Runs and plays" test coming soon

Hi folks

The iPad Mini arrived today that MusicInclusive obtained for the specific purpose of testing out iOS 7 audio without affecting the studio's main music production iPad - which is still running 6 and will continue to do so until iOS 7 is confirmed for audio use in every circumstance.

The mini is being loaded with iOS 7 right now. This is a fresh clean iOS 7 update directly on top of an out-of-the box iOS 6 unit. Once that's complete, I'll load up various iPad synth, effects, drum and recording apps,  - as well as Audiobus of course - and then do an initial "runs and plays" test - with some Audiobus routings in to test that also.

After that I'll try and test some iPad audio hardware too and see if there are any obvious gotchas there.

It won't be an exhaustive test of every synth or piece of iPad audio hardware on the market - I have my own personal selections of each - but it should give you an idea of perhaps what to choose from that does work at present. Hopefully everything will eventually!

Watch this space! :-)



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