Overview of iConnectMIDI2+ in action

Overview of iConnectMIDI2+ in action

This is an overview video - I haven't gone into great detail here - just trying to get all the pieces shown to make things work in a basic fashion. I hope to upload some more videos soon with that more detail in.

So - without further ado...



Hmmmm. There was something funky going on with the setup of my particular iConnectMIDI2+ device as delivered. Here's the issue - in the video I show the connection between ports 2.1 and 1.1 (Mac -> iPad) - but - as I have looked over the manual again - that should not have been the default setting. Rather - ports 2.3 and 1.3 are cross-connected by default as they represent the USB connections in and out. 

Here's what the manual says:

The factory default set-up is as follows.

MIDI DIN ports: routed to each other.

USB Device ports:
Port 1 – DIN 1

Port 2 – Din 2

Port 3 – the other USB device port (to allow routing between computer devices connected to both ports)

Port 4 – free. 

So, - the correct settings for adding in to Studio One are to use port 2.3 for the keyboard and instrument settings and port 1.3 on the iPad (assuming that your particular iPad app lets you choose - as Animoog does).

What I ended up trying was a simple reset of the device to factory settings which established the ports like so:



Now - in S1Pro the port connections are like this:


and in Animoog:


Hope that clarifies a little. As I mentioned in the video - we'll do more on the channel routing later hopefully.



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