USB woes... and a fix! :-)

USB woes... and a fix! :-)

After playing with the iConnectMIDI2+ box for a while I noticed that I was hearing some pops and clicks in my audio. Buffers were all set appropriately. Samples were OK. Machine is powerful enough. So, what could be wrong? It started when I added the box into the rig, and, at first I thought it might have been a production problem. I was wrong...

I must applaud the iConnectivity support team. They have been working with me to find the issue, and, we were both scratching our heads trying to figure it out. They looked at replicating the setup I had, checked their device clocks and timings and so on. Kudos for sticking with it guys! Thank you!

Turns out - it's nothing to do with the iConnectMIDI2+ box as far as I can see. Rather - NEVER buy anything less that good quality USB cables and hubs. (Yes - I do have to use a hub in this particular studio setup - as do many of you.)

After messing around moving USB connections between ports, finding out what likes a direct connection and what will live on a hub quite happily, removing and re-adding USB audio devices, changing the combinations, etc. etc. I finally swapped out some of the USB cables, and, - whaddayknow? The clicks and pops have gone away! :-)

Of course, now my rig is a spaghetti mess! So, time to buy some new, higher quality, USB cables. I think I'll look at upgrading the powered hub too while I'm at it.

Once again - thanks to the iConnectivity support folks for working through this with me. It is of benefit to everyone - especially since it nicely demonstrates the integrity of their kit and the dedication of their support team. Way to go guys!

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