MusicInclusive Manor - #2

Issue #2

Another interesting week. ....

This week saw me using the new (to me) BBE DI-100X for bass guitar recording as well as what I purchased it for, which was primarily for acoustic recording, particularly with the new Ovation.

MusicInclusive Manor - #1

Issue #1

I miss Byte magazine... Some of you will remember that; it was one of the best computer magazines ever. I still have a number of years' worth of paper copies, and they are so full of information that…

The iConnectAUDIO2+ - a review

The iConnectAUDIO2+ - a review

(Note: Any of the images in this review can be opened full-size if you want to see more detail. How you accomplish that will depend on your browser: View image/Open in new tab/etc.)




Audio quality with the iConnectAUDIO4+

Audio quality with the iConnectAUDIO4+

While I was writing the review for the iConnectAUDIO2+, I realized I had not shared the testing I had done previously on the iConnectAUDIO4+'s audio quality anywhere. So, here's a very brief blog post about…


The longevity or otherwise of music apps...

Books as an example

Bear with me a little here - I get to the point at the end of the post ;-)

I have a book from the 1800's that I paid £2.50 for in a second hand store.…

MicroBrute + SGenerator on iPad

MicroBrute + SGenerator on iPad

Hi! On a roll here with MicroBrute modulation...

Even more experimenting :-) - this time with the SGenerator app on iOS as a means of again modulating PWM on the Arturia MicroBrute. (App link

MicroBrute + Synth 76477

MicroBrute + Synth 76477

Hi! more experimenting - this time with the Synth 76477 app on iOS as a means of modulating PWM on the Arturia MicroBrute. (App link here)


In the short video clip below I show…

MicroBrute with 3 LFOs

2 x Brute LFO on iPhone to control the MicroBrute

Hi! I've been experimenting a little with the Brute LFO app on iOS as a means of modulating various aspects of the Arturia MicroBrute. (App link here)



iConnectMIDI4+ iPad to iPad audi passthru

Using the iConnectMIDI4+ to pass audio between iPads!

This is very exciting! Using the iConnectMIDI4+ you can now not only send MIDI data between two iPads or an iPad an a computer - or send MIDI into an iPad from…

Using iConnectMIDI4+ to make the best of older iPads

Routing via the iConnectMIDI4+ makes the most of older hardware

I've been getting more into using iOS to do sequencing recently. Z3TA+ is a very nice synth app - a port of the desktop version to iOS, but is quite…

Two pieces of iConfig goodness

Two items from iConfig of interest...

iDevice speaker/jack audio while connected to the iConnectMIDI4+

I am indebted to "Zymos" on the Audiobus forums for pointing out something I hadn't tried before - even with the iConnectMIDI2+ device, but it works…