1. Ground up

From the recording Ground up

The title track from the upcoming "Ground Up" album by Interplekt
This is the scratch studio pre-alpha recording with a sore throat and editing to do. Not the final track!!!


1 Ground up - and there's nothing left of me... Ground up - and there's nothing left to see... Ground up into little pieces - that's what I've come to be...
2 All my dreams are smashed - all the comfort taken down All the pleasures I thought I had, the hammer now has ground All the freedoms and endless possibilities - they all proved unsound
3 Ground up - can't see what the end will be Ground up - can't life my head - no hope in me - no plea No more dreaming, no more drifting, no more surfing the tide of light - like it used to be
4 Gone is all my pride... all broken up! Gone are all my dreams, I drink my own full cup... The crushing blows of wisdom, now tell me the time is up