Announcement: Patch libraries for synthesizers

Announcement - Patch libraries from MusicInclusive LLC

MusicInclusive LLC is pleased to announce the upcoming release of several patch libraries for popular analog and virtual analog and modeling synthesizers.

This is an exciting new development for MusicInclusive LLC and along with our own personnel, we have partnered with one of the best patch designers who has himself not only also created virtual analog synthesizers that come bundled with a large array of patches, but also a wide variety of patch libraries for legacy analog synthesizers. 


We are currently working on patch sets for the Roland Gaia, Korg Microkorg and Moog Little Phatty Stage II / Slim Phatty with more to follow. We anticipate releasing lead, bass and pad patch libraries initially and expect to have others developed by the new year

Patch sets will be available to purchase directly from the website here as a download. Each library will comprise a complete set of of patches for the respective synthesizer's user memory area.

Update information - watch this space!
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MusicInclusive LLC also runs courses in learning about analog synthesis where you can also understand how to create patches like these and many others. For information, please refer to our

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