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Touch Keys Keyboard controlling an analog synthesizer

Hi folks. Andrew McPherson has developed a very useful piece of hardware in the Touch Keys keyboard / overlay mechanism that allows multiple ways to add expression - modulation - to keyboard use and have that affect synthesizers. This is bound to transform how keyboards are designed in the future, but should be shipping soon in various forms as well as kits or complete keyboards.

An earlier video demonstrated how to use the Touch Keys to control Arturia's CS-80V emulation - in particular how to control the CS-80s polyphonic aftertouch. (BTW: The CS-80V s a virtual analog synthesizer VST / AU that we like here very much at MusicInclusive LLC as well along with all of the Arturia emulations).

Here's a link to that video:


Recently Andrew released a new video demonstrating the Touch Keys keyboard controlling a real modular analog synthesizer which is also very exciting news. Great demonstration. Lots of potential in this product.

Price may not be cheap on these keyboards but they do promise a great deal for adding expression to synthesizer playing.

Tell us what you think! Will you be buying one of these?


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