Embedded audio systems design under consideration for potential product releases...


Orchestral composition ongoing...


Ongoing work on patch libraries by MusicInclusive LLC for Roland Gaia, Korg Microkorg and Moog Little Phatty / Little Phatty Stage II.


Some non-commercial sample tracks covering a variety of genres are available using the following playlists:




Who we are

MusicInclusive™ LLC is an Indie label and publishing company



Interplekt is an original and unique Indie studio artist who specializes in mixing many different genres together to form a new tapestry of sound.

Interplekt nudges against the boundary of thoughtful contemplation and combines it with immersion in the imagery of spirit that traverses interconnected themes and interlaces them in an intricate mantle of soundscapes

The music of Interplekt finds its origin in the imagination of its owner and founding member Derek Jones. His choice of instruments includes Fender® Stratocaster® and PRS® Custom 24™ guitars and on bass,an Ibanez® bass guitar, along with Roland® and M-audio® keyboards and control surfaces. He has a soft spot for the DigiTech® RP series of integrated pedals and is also good friends with Mr. VST® who helps out with some of the other parts.

GROUND UP is the upcoming debut concept album from Interplekt around the theme of broken dreams vs. reality and redemption.

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Interplekt is published under the MusicInclusive tm LLClabel.


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